Winter Salt

Sommers has you covered for winter salt.

Bagged Salt Products

Bagged Rock SaltĀ – the standard in residential and commercial snow removal! From a single bag, to multiple semi-loads Sommers has you covered. Multiple types of salt to choose from. All of our bagged salt is stored INSIDE! Pickup available at our shop, delivery available for a fee.

Rock Salt Ice Melter

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  • 50LB Bags
  • 49 Bags per pallet
  • Color: White
  • Rock Salt Medium Screen
  • Works to 5 Degrees Fahrenheit

Perfect for push spreaders and tailgate salters!

Diamond Cutter Ice Melter

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  • 50 LB Bags
  • 49 Bags per pallet
  • Color: Purple
  • Calcium Chloride and Sodium Chloride Blend
  • Fast Acting, Non-Tracking
  • Less Corrosive, Residual Melting Power
  • Work to -20 Degrees Fahrenheit

Perfect for Sidewalks, Entryways, and other high traffic areas!

Bulk Rock Salt

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24-Hour Loading Service During Storms

Exclusive service offered to our contractors.

Bulk Rock Salt

Pickup in Cottage Grove or delivery is available.

  • Sold by the metric ton
  • Stored out of the elements
  • Most Economical for parking lots

Interested in contractor discounts on bulk winter salt for pickup or delivery?

Current Salt Prices